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Meet the innovators behind the innovation.


Chantal Bacon

Founder & CEO

15 years of industry experience spanning 500+ projects across 98 countries, including extensive involvement in AI/ML innovation, program, product, and people management.

In 2021, she began shining light on the challenge of inherent bias in machine learning models, validating her assumptions by self-funding the development of an industry-first technology, BiasFinderAI.  This led to her first filed patent, addressing algorithmic bias, as well as notable speaking engagements at the World Health Organization, Humans for AI, US Risk Management Society, and Oxford Entrepreneurs Network.

As an AI inventor grounded in research, Chantal strives to speak on podcasts and write on topics that discuss effective collaboration between humans and AI systems. Her current PhD research examines the human and social dimensions of AI technology. Rather than replacing humans, Chantal believes that AI has the potential to augment human capabilities. Her dissertation research focuses on pairing business elements with AI innovation for entrepreneurs.

Chantal is passionate about empowering females, building her non-profit, The Esther Giving Fund, which will provide STEM scholarships and mentorship to females in Sri Lanka. She serves as a member of the University of Oxford Alumni Board, helping steer critical innovation and development initiatives on behalf of one of the world’s most prestigious institutions. 

Chantal is the daughter of Sri Lankan parents who fled a 30-year civil war to give their family a chance at safety and success. She was born in Toronto and is currently residing in West Palm Beach, Florida.

David Hawke


With over 26 years of industry experience spanning 1,000+ projects across various industries, David brings extensive knowledge on building highly scalable architectures, building world-class data solutions, and bringing product visions to technical reality. In his previous roles, he built many solutions for Fortune 100 companies from product features, marketing analytics, big data integrations, and master data management solutions to name a few.


He is a well-respected pioneer in the fields of AI, analytics, data management, and digitalization. He excels at critical thinking, problem-solving, and technical delivery. During his career, he has worked across business, sales, and extended teams to provide management of technology solutions. He has designed and prototyped data solutions for customers on cloud platforms, hybrid cloud, and on-premise systems.

Ali Peerbhoy


Ali’s passion and focus at work is helping start-ups and early stage businesses, particularly in the technology and related services sector, to achieve their full potential. Since 2009, Ali has been involved in businesses focused mainly of technology and related services. Initially as a Partner and CFO of a technology focused PE business and latterly as a founder and investor in a number of technology start-ups. Ali had been involved in numerous transactions covering, start-ups, an MBO, numerous funding rounds (including both debt and equity funding) and the establishment of US businesses.

From 1991 to 2001, he gained invaluable experience working with multinational businesses in both the UK and USA (BAE Systems, Time Warner and Cable & Wireless). The roles undertaken in these companies varied from corporate reporting to running the finance functions for various trading subsidiaries involved in Music, West End Theatre Productions, International Finance and Telecoms Services. 

Ben Bacon


21 years of business leadership with multi-national and startup companies.  Lead digital initiatives for more than $500M in committed capital across 300+ organizations.  Featured speaker in North America, Asia, and Europe, presenting alongside leaders like Google and AWS.  Founding member of global private equity practice for enterprise software organization, building a $6.7T AUM network.  Salesperson of the Year for CBS Interactive, a global top-10 web property.


Founding member of six unique business units, with 25+ net-new industry breakthrough partnerships.  Develop and execute strategy for new business units, practices, and methodologies. Deeply multi-disciplinary, crafting vision, digital assets, creative content, brand playbooks, and marketing materials to deploy new business units, as well as business and creative lead for the generation and evolution of multiple technology platforms—all in addition to core leadership responsibilities.



Paul Staelin

Founder and entrepreneur involved with successful exits to multinational software organizations. Leader who has built and scaled high-growth enterprise software businesses. Uniquely experienced in building both front-end go-to-market organizations and back-end customer success and support organizations.  Yale and Stanford alum.

Lori Banas

20 years of global sales leadership driving $3B+ revenue. Executive roles with international organizations leading artificial intelligence, cloud, data, software, strategy, and services. Noted for building new business practices across her experience with Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, and others.  MIT and Harvard Business School alumna.

Pedro Arellano

Entrepreneur, innovator, and tech founder.  Pedro has led held a variety of executive roles with leading companies into acquisition and expansion, including like Salesforce/Tableau, Google/Looker, Infor/Birst, and MicroStrategy. He holds a Computer Engineering degree from ITESM in Monterrey, Mexico.

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